About Us

Hi! My name is Michelle. My husband and I live in Louisiana with our two boys. I also work as an RN in a NICU and love my babies! 👶

While I’ve had the passion for the NICU since I could remember, crafting has always been my happy place. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world, at work, or in my thoughts- crafting is my get away. Since I was very young I did about every craft under the sun (scrapbooking, vinyl, photoshop, sewing, latch hook, jewelry, beading- basically anything that Hobby Lobby and Michaels sells 🤣).

When I was pregnant with my first, I became drawn to sew and embroider outfits for him. Over time I realized that so many designs were precious but not always designed the best and often left me frustrated. This evolved into creating my own! Since starting, I have spent HUNDREDS of hours reading, watching videos, and testing to provide high quality designs. I’ve upgraded my software to help optimize stitching👩‍💻. My goal is to provide high quality designs at an affordable price for both business and hobbies alike.

I take inspiration from things around me. The tool 🛠 alphabet set was created because I wanted a design for my boys and my oldest loves tools. The dog 🐶 alphabet was inspired by pjs my youngest wears. I also create designs by request- from my kids, family, and you!